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When a child dies, what happens next makes all the difference. This article brings focus to the cascading consequences of parent grief that our nation’s lawmakers and changemakers can do something about. Photo by Gus Moretta on Unsplash

Parents grapple with more than heartbreak, funeral plans

From job losses to social media trolls, there’s always something

When a child dies, what we do next makes all the difference. Here are just a few of the cascading consequences grieving parents face that we can do something about.

Job and income loss

But until legislation is passed to actually tackle the issue, many parents will continue to face an impossible question: Can they afford to give themselves time to grieve?

Ongoing reminders of their loss thanks to social media and big tech.

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Dear tech companies, I don’t want to see pregnancy ads after my child was stillborn, Gillian Brockell, The Washington Post, December 18, 2018

Others intentionally and cruelly target bereaved parents. Online trolls regularly target parents of children who died in mass shootings and even the flu.

Unexpected — and sometimes unconscionable — costs.

Unfortunately, billing issues like these are all too common for families with children who have died after an accident or crime. But, in most cases, these families don’t have the public platform to raise their concerns or get recourse.

Roadblocks in the judicial system.

Across the country, federal child safety protection laws aren’t enforced in the same way in all states, leaving some families with no criminal recourse when their child dies while being watched by a childcare provider who is exempt from the rules.

At Evermore, these are the kinds of experiences we hope to put into focus for our nation’s lawmakers and changemakers. Parents will never “get over” the death of a child. But, as a society, we should make every effort to make their path through the rest of their own lives just a little bit easier.

Making the world a more livable place for bereaved families.

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